10 Ways to Have a Terrible Online Reputation

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How to have a terrible online reputation: the top 10 countdown

By following these 10 steps, you are sure to have an awful online reputation. And you are guaranteed to lose business and customers.

Ten: Do not care or pay attention to your online reputation.

If you pay no attention to review sites, bother to have social media sites, or even a personal website, you can save time and money. If you don’t care about your online reputation and since anyone with Internet access can post reviews about your business online (even strangers half way across the world who have never heard of your business before) then you are well on your way to failing.

You can keep holding your head high, as ignorance of your reputation can be blissful, especially if the ratings and online comments about your business are dissatisfactory. You will never know how the general public’s experience was and how you are losing potential customers.

Nine: Be Sarcastic

Forget being serious, sarcasm is the new way to interact in the virtual world of the Internet [hint: that was sarcastic!). The person on the other end of the screen may read your words in a different tone and understanding than you intend. So being sarcastic is a great way to offend or upset previous customers and potential customers. Not every culture or person grasps the idea of sarcasm, so they will take anything you type seriously.

Eight: Get into virtual fights and arguments

By arguing with previous posters about their rating or review of your business, you are standing up for yourself. You are making yourself look very disrespectful and saying you don’t believe what they have to say. By arguing comments, you will get peoples’ attention and they will not look in your direction favorably. Allow yourself to get heated and say things you know you will regret later. This will make you look unprofessional.

Seven: Post fake reviews and ratings on review websites

Writing or having other people write fake reviews about you or your business helps you look very untrustworthy. If you scoop down to that level, your reviews will be flagged and most potential clients will be able to tell how fake they are. No one wants to give their business to somewhere they don’t trust. Oh, and we won’t even mention the legal aspect of all this.

Six: The customer is always wrong

By having the attitude the customer is always wrong, you are literally turning people away from giving you more business. This can save your personal ego from taking a hit. Bending over backwards to make a terrible experience better can just be challenging and can cost you extra in the long run. By never making the customer happy and degrading their thoughts, you will save a lot of extra customer service effort.

Five: Have a vain attitude

When businesses or business owners act full of themselves, they are much less enjoyable to the public. Since no one wants to interact with a narcissist, you are sure to lose business and not have to deal with annoying customers, or any customers at all. When your self-loving attitude comes through over the Internet, you are sure to get worse reviews and ratings. Remember to never apologize, as you are always right, even though the world does not see every situation through your eyes!

Four: Do not put time into making your online reputation

You acknowledge your online reputation and have even made a website and social media sites to add to it, but do not update them or reply to comments/question on the different sites. By having little information from you on these different platforms, you are playing hard to get. You are making customers contact you for potential questions and any other information. A lot of people do not have time for that so they will find a similar business that keeps their online reputation up to date where they aren’t a mystery. They also don’t have to take the time to read your responses on comments or reviews since you don’t reply. They say communication is key to success, but ignoring the communication part allows you to be well on your way to failure!

Three: Ignore all your feedback

You are reading your reviews and even commenting back making yourself look active in improving your online reputation; however, you are actually ignoring any issues your business may have. The idea of reviews can make you better if you allow them, but you don’t have to let them change the way you conduct business. By ignoring all reviews, you won’t have to grow or make yourself better. It can be much simpler this way anyway. Especially if the same issues keep coming up in reviews and potential customers see you are not listening to your clients, they will not feel like you care and will not bring you business.

Two: Have terrible business ethics

Offer incentives and bribe customers to leave positive feedback for you. That way you can break the law and look unethical to the public all at the same time. You can also nag or cheat negative reviewers into either deleting their review or revising it to make you look better. The options here are endless!

One: Be a jerk

Tell the reviewer they are flat out wrong and you don’t believe them. Make sure they know their experience and feelings are invalid. Also tell them you will not make any adjustments to your business and they should go to your competitor. You want to be sure you have an “I don’t care what you have to say” attitude so more people can see how rude you are. Be as annoying and disrespectful as possible so you will be sure to turn away customers.

More business is more money. Less business is less money. The less business your online reputation brings in, the less money you have to worry about claiming on your tax returns!

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