Please Don’t Gag Your Customers

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It’s often easier to learn from bad examples than from good ones.  Sometimes we learn best when seeing what not to do, instead of what to do.  This applies across all aspects of life, from relationships to parenting, and especially to business. This post is about one way not to manage your business’ reputation.  That is, unless you want the Federal Trade Commission knocking on your door. Which probably isn’t in the best interests of your company.  I take it as a given that you are already actively managing your business’ reputation online.  If not, I humbly suggest you start. The Gag Clause One of the worst ways to actively manage your reputation is through the use of gag clauses, also known as non-disparagement clauses.  These are contract stipulations that threaten legal or other punitive action against a customer if they make negative comments about a business’ services or products …


Lawyers: Leverage Client Feedback for More Referrals

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It’s no secret: Many law firms work every single day to acquire new clients. Most attorneys know the law exceptionally well, inside and out. Many are also very good at managing the business and financial elements of their practice. However, marketing and sales can be whole different animal. And while a strong marketing mix of advertising, social media, and public relations can certainly go a long way in promoting your practice, none of these passive channels quite equal the value of a positive, direct client referral. According to Wharton School of Business, a referral client costs a lot less to acquire and has a higher potential for retention and loyalty. Statistically, a referred client has a 16% higher lifetime value than a non-referred client. Client referrals are one of the most powerful ways that you can use to grow your practice and are exponentially more effective than passive marketing methods. Almost any …