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Dentists: Leverage Patient Feedback for More Referrals – Here’s How

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It’s no secret: Many dental practices struggle every single day to acquire new patients. Most dental professionals know their vocation exceptionally well, inside and out. They are also probably very good at managing the business and financial elements of their practice. However, marketing and sales can be a whole different animal. And while a strong marketing mix of advertising, social media, and public relations can certainly go a long way in promoting your practice, none of these passive channels quite equal the value of a positive, direct patient referral. According to Wharton School of Business, a referral customer costs a lot less to acquire and has a higher potential for retention and loyalty. Specifically, a referred customer has a 16% higher lifetime value than a non-referred customer. Patient referrals are one of the most powerful ways that you can use to grow your practice and are exponentially more effective than passive marketing …

Online Reputation Management: The Complete Guide + Tips

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No business can succeed today without devoting some time to their online presence. In particular, this is referring to their online reputation. More and more people are using the Internet to find out about a business, thus it is necessary to have some presence online in order to be found by potential customers. Furthermore, your online reputation can determine your success for the future. Hence, the importance of learning how to properly manage and develop your online reputation. Why is Online Reputation Important? Having a positive online reputation is vital to your business success. Consider this type of scenario, your business offers plumbing products, and a potential customer is searching online for a company that provides these products. If your online reputation is nonexistent or there are tons of negative remarks about your company, chances are the person is going to choose someone else for their plumping product needs. This …