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Capture negative reviews, generate positive reviews and monitor reviews 24/7.


Encourage patients to refer friends


Incentivize referrals and reward your patients for bringing you new business.


Bring patients back with special promotions


Use ready-made templates to email discounts and special offers to your patients.


Automate modules to keep patients engaged


Schedule and sequence Feedback, Reviews, Referrals and Promotions.

Reputation Management for Dentists

Dentist Reputation Management

One of the biggest issues facing dentistry today, according to Timothy Stirneman, D.D.S., is the rise of corporate dentistry.[i] The sheer size of these practices give them advantages in economies of scale that can give them a leg up on solo dentists and smaller offices, that lack the resources or negotiating power of a larger office.

The good news is that every business model has a weakness. The bigger the practice, the more Goliath-like it becomes. Goliath’s strength was also his weakness: his size. The same can be said of corporate dentistry.

Smaller offices and solo practitioners have the ability to set themselves apart from these lumbering giants. This can be accomplished through quality and building strong relationships with your patients. A smaller office has the opportunity to establish strong relationships with its current patients. Smaller offices mean staff’s frequency of patient interaction increases. With more interaction, the more trust and report can be built.

Both trust and rapport are massively important across all businesses. They are, however, even more important in the healthcare industry. A patient needs to trust his or her provider or they will look elsewhere for their needs. As a solo or small dentist office, you have the best opportunity to easily establish trust and rapport with each patient.

The problem is, how do you organically showcase this strength to prospective patients? The solution is with your current patients. Those patients who already trust you should spread the word. This is best accomplished through online reviews with online reputation management tools, which should be a central aspect of your marketing efforts.

The Importance of Online Reviews

Research shows that dentists and doctors are the second most researched industry when it comes to online customer reviews and that 88% of consumers form an opinion after reading 1-10 reviews.[ii]

Those reviews, however, need to be recent. 84% of consumers say those 10 reviews need to be within the past 3-6 months in order for them to be relevant. If your office is not continuously and proactively utilizing a reputation management for dentists strategy, you could be losing out to the competition.

Flaws with Dental Reviews

Like all things, there are flaws with online reviews. Two of those specific flaws that apply to the dental industry are pointed out by Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S. They are:

  • Spotting the fake reviews, and
  • The very nature of good dental work.[iii]

Real Feedback, Real Reviews with Dental Reputation Management

As Dr. Connelly stated, anonymous reviews can be done by someone sitting in their “PJ’s and writing fake reviews for five dollars.” This does happen and you cannot help what the competition is doing. However, you don’t have to follow the same bad practice.

Our dental reputation management software gives you direct feedback from your current patients and gently asks those with a positive experience to review your office on a website of your choosing. There are no fake reviews with us. All of the reviews and feedback generated for your office comes directly from your patients.

Once you ask patients to leave feedback through our software, it is automatically visible on your dashboard, which is your page within our software from which you manage all of our features. This direct feedback gives you real-time intelligence on how your most recent patients are feeling about their procedure.

If a patient had a positive experience, we ask them to leave a review and direct them to a review site of your choosing. By directing these patients to a review site, you nudge them gently in the right direction to tell the public about their positive experience.

If a customer had a neutral experience, we ask them to follow you on social media. This gives those patients an opportunity to stay connected with your practice so they are updated with any news or new reviews you receive. It also ensures they keep you in mind the next time they need a dental procedure or checkup and giving you the opportunity to strengthen that relationship.

If a patient had a negative experience, we give them a comment field that goes directly to you. This opens a private dialogue so the conflict can be resolved before a negative review gets posted. It allows the patient to vent his or her frustrations directly to your staff instead of the rest of the world.

Constant Monitoring, Quick Responses

Another of Dr. Connelly’s issues with online reviews for dentists is that the nature of good dental work can be unpleasant for the patient. As stated, our software opens a direct line from patient to staff. We give the patient an avenue to discuss any issues or concerns with your staff before they take it publicly.

Nobody can stop all negative reviews, but by giving a patient with a negative experience an outlet for their emotions, we can hopefully soften the edge to any review they post later. If a patient does post a negative review, our reviews monitoring system keeps you up to date with all reviews, good or bad.

Our software monitors over 100 review sites for new reviews. When a new review is posted, you will receive notice within 24-48 hours. With us monitoring your reviews, you no longer have to search individual sites like Dr.Oogle, RateADentist, Facebook, Google, or any other sites listed here.

Not only does our software notify you of any new reviews, we also give you an easy platform from which you can quickly respond to that new review. This means not only are you quickly responding to that particular patient’s comment, you are also showing prospective patients that you take each individual’s experience seriously.

You can reply to a negative review and ask them to contact you to resolve the issue or just thank a patient for a good review. Both of these responses show prospective patients that your practice is committed to maintaining and building trust and rapport with all of your patients. This is a key part of reputation management for dentists neglected by most practices.

Final Thoughts on Dentist Reputation Management

With our dental reputation management software, we give you the tools to effectively and easily manage your online reputation. This gives you the ability to properly showcase the trust and quality your practice gives its patients which will be on display for prospective patients to see when they are searching for a new dentist online.

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