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Capture contact info, upload existing lists and integrate with other applications


Gather actionable guest intelligence


Understand each guest's experience on a personal level to uncover the unknown


Build and manage online reviews across the web


Capture negative reviews, generate positive reviews and monitor reviews 24/7.


Encourage guests to refer friends


Incentivize referrals and reward your guests for bringing you new business.


Bring guests back with special promotions


Use ready-made templates to email discounts and special offers to your guests.


Automate modules to keep guests engaged


Schedule and sequence Feedback, Reviews, Referrals and Promotions.

Reputation Management for Hotels

Hotel Reputation Management

Internet reviews have been around for well over a decade. Empirical evidence, however, is now showing the importance and benefits that companies in the travel and hospitality industry can reap if they are using a business reputation management system that works.

This is especially true of hotels. Hotels simply cannot afford to ignore their online reputation. Reputation management for hotels matters from the marketing departments of big chains to the single owner/ operator of a Bed and Breakfast.

As noted by Deloitte, demographics are changing.[i] Millennials are now to the age where they are traveling more for both business and leisure, their inclination to depend on the internet and social media comes with them. This dependence can be a boon or a bust for your hotel’s online reputation.

Dependence on online reputation isn’t true only for millennials though. Online reviews have replaced the guidebooks and comment cards that past generations used. No longer are the emotions expressed on a comment card between the guest and the general manager, they are posted instantaneously for the world to see. How your hotel handles these reviews can very well be the difference between growth or stagnation.

Reviews and Responses

According to a study compiled by TripAdvisor, 3 of the top 4 factors that drove traveler engagement on hospitality pages are about guest reviews.[ii] These, in order, are:

  • total number of reviews,
  • management responses in the past year, and
  • number of reviews in the past year.

An immediate takeaway is that recent reviews and responses are massively important. If you do not have a constant stream of reviews coming in, your hotel will appear stagnant. That gives an immediate negative impression to potential guests looking for accommodations.

Specific numbers from the study show that the more management responds to reviews, the more travelers will leave reviews. This continues in an upward trend the more management responds. By responding to positive, neutral, and negative reviews, your hotel’s management can drive more engagement across multiple review sites showing potential guests that management cares about each individual staying with them.

Not only do responses drive engagement, but they also have a direct correlation to hotel ratings. The TripAdvisor study showed the following numbers:

  • Hotels with a 0% response rate have an average rating of 3.81,
  • Hotels with a 5% to 40% response rate have an average rating of 4.04,
  • Hotels with a 40% to 65% response rate have an average rating of 4.05, and
  • Hotels with a 65% or higher response rate have an average rating of 4.15.

Responding to reviews timely telegraphs to prospective guests that you care about not only how your business is perceived, but that you care about each individual’s experience. The more people see management caring about each individual’s experience, the more likely they are going to trust you for their accommodation needs.

Business & Leisure Travelers

Review importance is central to both business and leisure travelers. A different study done by SAS and The Pennsylvania State University showed that business travelers care more about reviews than price.[iii]

Business travelers want to know what kind of experience they are likely to have than how much they are going to pay. Price is still an important factor, but both reviews and loyalty programs are more important.

Reviews are also important to leisure travelers, especially negative reviews. Negative reviews are more important than price for leisure travelers, with a hotel’s overall rating coming in third. Meaning that a negative review, regardless of price, can take your hotel out of their consideration.

Clearly, reviews and your hotel’s online reputation have a massive impact on both kinds of travelers. The question now becomes how can I manage my online reputation to ensure I am doing everything I can to promote my hotel?

Issues Addressed with Hotel Reputation Management Software

Reputation management software can help your hotel or bed and breakfast to quickly and easily respond to the issues facing the hospitality industry in the digital age.[iv] These specific issues are:

  • responding to new reviews and getting your response rate above 65%,
  • keeping a constant stream of positive reviews inbound, and
  • trying to respond to a guest’s negative experience before they post a negative review of your hotel.

Reviews Monitoring

Our software monitors over 100 review sites for you. You will typically receive notice within 12-24 hours of a new review being posted. With us monitoring your reviews, you no longer have to comb through TripAdvisor, Facebook, Google, or any other sites listed here.

Not only does our software notify you of any new reviews, we also give you an easy platform from which you can quickly respond to those new reviews. This means not only are you quickly responding to that particular guest’s comment, you are also showing prospective guests that you take each individual’s experience seriously.

By quickly responding to each new review, you can get your response rate above 65% without having to monitor multiple sites. Also, remember that the more you respond, the more guests will engage you online. This ensures future guests see that you are a part of a continuing conversation, not ignoring other guest’s feedback.

Direct Feedback

Not only does our platform give you an easy place to monitor incoming reviews, it is also a direct feedback tool. You can ask guests to leave feedback through our software, which will be directly visible on your Hotel’s dashboard, which is your page within our software from which you manage all of these features. This direct feedback gives you real-time intelligence on how your most recent guests are feeling about their stay.

If a guest had a positive experience, we ask them to leave a review and direct them to a review site of your choosing. Customers who have a positive experience are 50% less likely to leave a review than customers who have a negative experience.[v] By directing these guests directly to a review site, you nudge them in the right direction.

If a guest had a neutral experience, we ask them to follow you on social media. This gives your guests the opportunity to look through your resources as well as to stay connected with your hotel so they think of you next time they have similar accommodation needs.

If a guest had a negative experience, we give them a comment field that goes directly to you. This opens a private dialogue between the guest and management so you can resolve the issues before the guest posts a negative review. It allows the guest to vent his or her frustrations directly to the hotel instead of the rest of the world. This is our solution to bring comment cards into the digital age.

We cannot prevent all negative reviews. We can, however, give a guest with a negative experience direct access to management so they can vent. This will should help you address the issue right away and take some of the edge off the raw emotion that is so common with negative reviews.

By utilizing our direct feedback tool, we can give you:

  • real-time intelligence on how guests are feeling about their stay,
  • capture negative experiences so you can address issues right away, and
  • promote positive experiences so guests are more likely to review your hotel or bed and breakfast.


The importance of your hotel’s online reputation cannot be overstated. Online reviews are posted for the world to see whether they reflect positively or negatively on your hotel or bed and breakfast. No business can capture all negative reviews, but with our solution for reputation management for hotels, your online reputation is more in your hands than ever before.

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