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Build and manage online reviews across the web


Capture negative reviews, generate positive reviews and monitor reviews 24/7.


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Bring patients back with special promotions


Use ready-made templates to email discounts and special offers to your patients.


Automate modules to keep patients engaged


Schedule and sequence Feedback, Reviews, Referrals and Promotions.

Reputation Management for Doctors

Doctor Reputation Management

The Healthcare Industry is Changing

It’s an understatement to say the medical industry is undergoing a restructuring. Independent and small medical practices are perhaps some of those facing the most amount of pressure. More and more of these practices are being absorbed by hospitals.

The surprising truth, however, is that most of the acquisitions are instigated by the practices themselves, not the hospitals. According to a study done by Jackson Healthcare, in 70% of these cases, the physicians were the party approaching the hospitals to sell their practices.[i]

The absorption of independent primary care practices by hospitals puts further pressure on independent specialty practices because of reduced referrals. It’s a vicious and continuous cycle that is reeking change throughout the industry.

This is just one aspect in the medical field that is currently going through a massive amount of change. The reduction in referrals, means that independent and small medical practices need another way for patients to find them. This can be done by implementing an internet reputation management application.

Your Online Reputation Matters

One way, and an increasingly important reality of the medical profession, is how you and your practice are perceived on the internet. According to a survey conducted last year, 54% of millennials have said they search online rankings before seeing a doctor.[ii] The global average among all patients for the same question was 39%. Whether accurate or not, patients are making quality determinations based on online reviews.

Dr. Tony Olivia, the national medical director of Nuance (a speech recognition technology company), stated in the same article that healthcare consumers are more and more likely to share criticisms online and that physicians need to be ready to “protect their reputations.” This is true across all industries. Consumers who have a negative experience are 50% more likely to share that experience on social media than consumers who have a good experience.[iii]

What also drives the importance of your practice’s online reputation, is that health or medical information (which includes searching for a particular doctor or hospital) is the third most popular activity on the internet. Only email and researching a product or service before purchasing it is more popular.[iv] Even Consumer Reports, in an article titled “How to Find a Doctor” listed a dozen websites where consumers could search for ratings and other information about individual doctors.[v]

Continuing to show the growing trend of finding doctors online, the journal of the American Medical Association in a survey of 2,100 people found that 59% of consumers found that ratings were either “somewhat important or very important in making a decision about which doctor to see,” while the University of Michigan medical school found that 93% of people said “ratings were either somewhat useful or very useful in making a decision about a doctor.”[vi]

These consumer ratings, however, are still in the “very early days,” according to Dr. Ashish Jha, a health policy researcher from the Harvard School of Public Health. But that clearly does not stop consumers from using the available information to make judgments on the quality of care they will receive by searching online reviews. Your online reputation already matters and could be having an impact on prospective patient’s perception of you and your practice, whether accurate or not.

The good news is that there is a real solution for reputation management for doctors.

The First Step to Physician Reputation Management – Reviews Monitoring

Managing your online reputation starts with knowing what people are saying about your practice. Our software monitors over 100 review sites for new reviews.

Whenever your practice receives a new review, you will be notified within 24-48 hours. With us monitoring your reviews, you no longer have to search individual sites like RateMDs, HealthGrades, Facebook, Google, or any other sites listed here.

Not only does our medical reputation management software notify you of any new reviews, we also give you an easy platform from which you can respond to each of these reviews. This means you are able to quickly respond to that particular patient’s comment, and you are also showing prospective patients that you take each individual’s experience seriously.

You can reply to a negative review and ask them to contact you to resolve the issue or just thank a patient for a good review. Both of these responses show prospective patients that your practice is committed to maintaining and building a personal relationship with all of your patients.

The Next Step to Doctor Reputation Management – Generating Real Reviews

Our software does not stop at monitoring reviews. It gives you a platform to get direct feedback from your patients whenever they visit your practice and asks those with a positive experience to review your practice on a website of your choosing. There are no fake reviews with us. All of the reviews and feedback generated for your office comes directly from your patients. This active and authentic reputation management for physicians.

Once you ask patients to leave feedback through our physician reputation management software, that feedback is automatically visible on your dashboard, which is your page within our software from which you manage all of our features. This direct feedback gives you real-time intelligence on how your most recent patients are feeling about their most recent visit.

Each patient who gives you feedback is asked to do something different depending on the type of feedback they provide.

If a patient had a positive experience, we ask them to leave a review and direct them to a review site of your choosing. By directing these patients to a review site, you nudge them gently to tell the public about their positive experience. This will also build your overall ranking to better reflect the quality of care you provide your patients.

If a customer had a neutral experience, we ask them to follow you on social media. This gives those patients an opportunity to stay connected with your practice so they are updated with any news you post or new reviews you receive.

If a patient had a negative experience, we give them a comment field that goes directly to you. This opens a private dialogue so the conflict can be resolved before a negative review gets posted online. It allows the patient to vent his or her frustrations directly to your staff instead of the rest of the world.

Nobody, however, can stop all negative reviews, but by giving a patient with a negative experience an outlet for their emotions, we can hopefully soften the edge to any review they post later. If a patient does post a negative review, our reviews monitoring system keeps you up to date. That way the negative review is quickly responded to and the public will see your practice is willing to fix any issue and follow up with patients.

Final Thoughts on Reputation Management for Physicians

With our doctor reputation management software, you get the advantage of ensuring the public has an accurate picture of the quality your practice provides. This also gives prospective patients searching for a doctor more reviews to consider while looking for a new doctor to trust with their healthcare needs.

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