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“Is there a restaurant serving green beer for St. Patrick’s Day around here?” asked Sherri. “I don’t know, just Google it” replied Frank. Google is one of the most used search engines on the web. You can Google just about anything and it has quickly become the shining star of search engines. In fact, Google has been the answer to many arguments, bets, conversations, questions, and more.

In the conversation above, you can see the familiarity of simply saying, ‘Google it’. How many times have you looked to Google for the answer? It’s very interesting how Google has created a platform that has become apart of our daily vocabulary.

But there are some searches that don’t show results immediately in what we were looking for, thus Google has created a new innovation (still in beta). Google is constantly creating new ways to use the Internet and their newest development is called Posts. Google Posts simply allows you to post directly onto the results of a search for individuals and organizations.

Google Posts is a unique mix between a social networking platform and a search engine. It is a way to share new and relevant information about your local business. A user must get authorization to post, but once you do, you can post videos, photos, and text directly onto Google about your business.

Once the post has been published, it will appear instantly in the search results. You can even share your post from Google onto other social networking websites. Google is an Internet giant, so you might as well use it to your benefit. And using Google Posts can aid you in generating new business in new ways.

As you may know, getting your business as a top search result on Google can be difficult. You can do all the right things and put lots of effort into it and still not show up on the first page. Google Posts is a beautiful way to bring your business to the top of search results with your participation.

Generating Business

google-gUsing Google Posts can do amazing things for your small business. Lets go back to Sherri and Frank’s conversation. Remember, they are looking for green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. You happen to own a local Irish pub and of course, March 17th is a big day for you.

You want your business to get as many customers through the door as possible. You simply go on to Google Posts and post that you will be serving green beer to celebrate.

Sherri goes onto Google and when she types in her question, your recent post is the first thing to pop up. Her and Frank quickly leave for your pub to enjoy some beer and dinner. You now have 2 new customers in your door.

Imagine if that happened all night…people Google green beer or Irish pub in your area and before you know it, your pub is packed and you run out of beer and have made a great profit. And it’s all because you are staying up to date by posting on Google.

Free Advertisements

When you own a business, you want to be successful. There are many different aspects that must come together to create your own success. One of those is advertising. How will you gain new customers if no one knows you exist? There are many different platforms to spread the word of your business.

The best kind is of course free (because anything free is the best!). In a sense, Google Posts is free advertising. By frequently updating your posts on Google, you are able to freely advertise any specials, what you specialize in, positive feedback you’ve received, etc.

These “advertisements” can quickly be shared on other social media sites, easily making it a one and done deal. When someone searches for a business in your local area, they aren’t going to look too long before making a decision. Because of this, you want to make your business one of the top search results on Google.

The more you are able to post on your search result, the more chances you have at being one of the top posts to pop up. It is important to create engaging content on your Google Posts. When you create posts to pull your local business to the top of the search engine, you want to make sure potential customers are attracted to what they see from you.

Your small business can greatly benefit from Google Posts. You can reach potential customers in a stronger way than before. Today’s society moves fast and you have to keep up to be effective. In the 21st century, we are all inundated with an overwhelming amount of ads and they move quickly.

If you want to catch the attention of potential clients and customers, than you must make your business appealing with interesting and relevant posts on Google.

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