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Tools to Generate Customer Referrals Fast

Reward Customers

Offer incentives for customers to refer friends & family.

Generate Referrals

Gather contact information and build a referral database.

Follow Up Instantly

Automatically email new referrals to contact you.

How Referral Marketing Works


Send customers a referral request –
all you need is their email.

Send Referral Request

Customers refer 3 or more contacts
and are sent details on the reward.

Customer Selects Contacts

Referral #1 receives an
invitation to contact you.

First Referral Receives Invitation

Referral #2 receives an
invitation to contact you.

Second Referral Receives Invitation

Referral #3 receives an
invitation to contact you.

Third Referral Receives Invitation

How Referral Management Works

RenegadeWorks referral marketing software saves all referrals to your private dashboard.

All referral contact information can be exported. This allows your team to follow up and bring new customers in the door.

Referral Marketing Software

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About RenegadeWorks Referral Program Software


Why Should You Use Referral Marketing Software?

Every business that wants to grow its customer base must establish multiple avenues of marketing. A business limits its own potential if it does not explore every alley that can reach future customers.

This is especially true of referral marketing, which, according to Nielsen, is the most influential source of advertising. 84% of consumers trust referrals from friends and family.[i] By implementing a referral program with our software, you have a head start on earning the trust of new customers and build a better reputation.

Current Customers

The problem with referrals though, is that you have no way of knowing which of your customers is referring your business to his or her friends and family. With RenegadeWorks’ referral program software, you can change that and grow your customer base.

According to a study from Wharton and cited by Forbes, 83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer products or services. However, only 29% actually do so.[ii] By implementing a referral marketing program into your business, you ensure that more of your satisfied customers actually are referring their friends and family.

RenegadeWorks’ referral marketing software makes it easy for your current customers to refer their friends and loved ones. This turns your loyal customer base into advocates for your business. Not only does this build a stronger relationship between you and your current customers, but also brings in new and loyal customers.

Referral Marketing Program Customers

Referred customers are also more likely to be stronger customers for your business than others. According to the Harvard Business Review, referred customers are 18% more loyal. Also, over the course of their time with your business, referred customers result in a 16% more profitable customer base compared to non-referral customers.[iii]

With RenegadeWorks’ referral software, we give you an easy to use referral program that taps into this powerful customer base.

How Our Referral Software Works

RenegadeWorks’ referral marketing software is straightforward. All you need to do is send your current customer a referral request by email. Included with the referral request is an incentive.

The incentive can be anything you want it to be. It could be an entry into drawing for a prize, a discount on their next visit, or anything you think would get the attention of your current customer base. This is also a great way to reward your customer base and to establish a stronger relationship.

Once the customer refers 3 more or contacts, he or she gets the inventive. Each new contact then gets an email invitation to contact you. Included with that referral, can be an incentive for their first visit. It’s just that easy.

Our referral marketing program gives your customers the opportunity to refer a business they are already satisfied with to their friends and family and get a reward in the process.

Our referral marketing software also saves the referrals to your private dashboard. All of this contact information can be exported which is a great way to follow up with potential customers and see which of your customers are your biggest promoters.

What This Means For Your Business

RenegadeWorks’ referral marketing software allows you to tap into the most trusted source of advertising: referrals. With this new marketing software, you can grow your customer base while also ensuring those new customers are going to be as loyal as your current ones.

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