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Get More Positive Reviews

Automatically invite happy customers to leave a review on sites you choose.

Capture Negative Experiences

Make it easy for unhappy customers to come to you, instead of review sites

All Reviews in One Place

Monitor reviews across the web, and get notifications when new ones are posted.

How Reviews Management Works


Send customers a feedback
request via text message or email.

Send Feedback Request

Customers are asked if they
would recommend your business.

Filter by Customer Experience

Happy customers are
asked to leave a review.

Promoters Leave a Review

Neutral customers are asked
to connect on social media.

Passives Connect on Social Media

Unhappy customers are
asked for detailed feedback.

Detractors Send Private Comments

How Reviews Monitoring Works

RenegadeWorks captures reviews from over 100 review sites.

Whenever a new review is found, its stored in your private dashboard and you receive an instant notification.

You save time by not having to check lots of review sites. You build your online reputation by being able to respond to new reviews quickly.

Online Reputation Management Software

How Reviews Marketing Works

Online Reputation Management Tools

RenegadeWorks goes beyond just managing your reputation, to marketing your reputation.

You can post positive reviews Facebook and Twitter.

You can also install our review stream widget on your website. This automatically shows your most recent 4 and 5 star reviews to your visitors.

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RenegadedWorks allows you to manage and monitor reviews on over 100 review sites all from a single dashboard. Its online reputation management tools that make your life easier and get business results.


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Why Should You Use Online Reputation Management Software?

Your reputation can make or break your business. A business’ reputation is not only how it is spoken of by friends over coffee, but also how strangers rely on each other’s experiences through online reviews.

According to a study cited by Forbes, 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from people they know.[i] Your online reputation, whether it is positive, negative, or nonexistent, is currently having an enormous impact on how your business is perceived by potential customers.

According to the same study, 85% of consumers report that they read up to 10 online reviews before they trust a business.[ii] This is especially true of reviews covering doctors, dentists, tradesmen, and hotels which all come right after restaurants as being the most researched and review dependent businesses.

Local businesses, moreover, are particularly impacted by online reviews with 70% of consumers relying on online searches to find a local business.[iii] All this research means that you cannot afford to ignore your business’s online reputation.

Paying attention to, and managing your online reputation, can not only increase trust and visibility in your business, but also has an impact on your bottom line. Harvard Business School reports that a one-star increase on Yelp leads to a 5-9 percent increase in revenue.[iv] If you are not actively managing your reputation, these are well researched numbers that should not be ignored.

Fortunately, RenegadeWorks can provide your business with tools that make managing your online reputation quick and easy.

Online Review Management Software

RenegadeWork’s reputation management software simplifies how you manage your online reputation. It does this through multiple angles by providing you with:

  • an easy to use platform to monitor your reviews from over 100 sites,
  • provides a simple way for you to receive and gauge customer feedback, and
  • capture negative customer experiences before it is posted about online while also giving you the ability to promote positive customers to leave a review.

Review & Reputation Monitoring

The first major function our software provides is that it gathers reviews from over 100 sites allowing you to see what customers are saying about your business in one easy to access place. The software also automatically updates providing you notice of new reviews within 24 to 48 hours a new review posted on any of those sites. Our review monitoring service can save you and your staff hours upon hours of time searching many different sites while trying to stay on top of your online reputation.

Also, by monitoring your reviews with our service, you will be able quickly respond to negative reviews. Most review sites allow business owners to directly respond to negative reviews for potential customers to see. This shows your potential customers that you care about their issues and that you work hard to respond to any issues that may crop up.

Finally, reviews monitoring allows you to see positive reviews as they come in so you can promote them on social media, allowing greater exposure for those customers who had a positive experience with your business.

Feedback & Customer Experience Management

The second major function our software provides is that it gives your customers a direct and easy to use feedback software. Our software allows you to request feedback from customer by reaching out to them by text message, email, through your website, ordering system, social media or through printed materials.

Customers then use our software to review their experience with your business. The feedback is segmented into three separate categories based on that customer’s experience. These are:

  • promoters,
  • passives, or
  • detractors.


Promoters are customers who had a positive experience with your business. These are the most important customers that should be leaving reviews for your business.

They are, however, 50% less likely to leave a review than a customer who had a negative experience.[v] This means that your online reputation may not accurately represent all of your customers’ experiences.

With RenegadeWorks’ software, we help you target all of your customers and give those that had a positive experience an easy avenue to leave their reviews. Once a promoter selects that category, you receive the feedback that a customer had a positive experience and the customer is directed to Google Reviews so they can tell others about their positive experience.

Every review website has different policies. Not all of the positive reviews may be posted and review companies are constantly updating their algorithms that could impact your visible reviews. That increases the importance to provide your promoter customers an easy avenue to review your business so more of them do so.


Passives are customers who, while did not have an overwhelmingly positive experience, did not have a negative one either. They provide their feedback and are encouraged to follow your business on social media so they can stay up to date with your business.

Not only does this grow your social media following, but once they are connected to your business, they will then see updates on your business that will, hopefully, turn them into promoters.


Detractors are customers who had a negative experience with your business. They are given a space to write out their negative experience and send it directly to you. This allows the customer to vent to the business owner before they post a review online.

Remember, a customer with a negative experience is 50% more likely to post a review than a customer with a positive experience. No one, however, can prevent all negative reviews, but our software does allow a closer and more direct way for customers to directly communicate with you so any issues the customer had can be addressed before the customer posts a review for the world to see.

What This Means For Your Business

RenegadeWorks’ online reputation management tools provide you and your customers an easier way to interact and build a stronger relationship. It allows you to see what customers actually think of your business in real time and to address issues that need to be corrected right away. You can then directly communicate with a customer who had a negative experience, allowing you to capture the negative experience before the customer takes to social media while also giving customers who had a positive experience an easy avenue in which to share that positive experience.

Through our software, we can help you to manage your business’ online reputation to make sure potential customers have an accurate picture of how your current customers actually feel.




[iv] Luca, Michael. “Reviews, Reputation, and Revenue: The Case of” Harvard Business School Working Paper, No. 12-016, September 2011. (Revised March 2016. Revise and resubmit at the American Economic Journal – Applied Economics.)