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Schedule and sequence Feedback, Reviews, Referrals and Promotions.

Reputation Management for Small Businesses

Small Business Reputation Management

Anemic economic growth has been one of the few constants in the economy over the last decade. During that time, economic growth has not been past 3%.[i] And, unfortunately, it does not look like things are going to change in the near future.

American Business is Small Business

In 2014, 58% of Main Street businesses said that their biggest problem was a lack of sales.[ii] Jim Blasingame, the Forbes contributor that conducted the survey, said that keeping an eye on Main Street, not Wall Street, is the real indicator of how the economy is performing. We could not agree more. It is American small business that has been, and always will be, the backbone of our economy.

According to the Small Business Administration, there are 28 million small businesses in the United States. These account for:

  • 54% of all U.S. sales;
  • 55% of all U.S. jobs;
  • 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970’s; and
  • 30-50% of all occupied commercial space.[iii]

Struggles Facing Small Business

Since small business is the main component of the economy, and the economy has had anemic growth, we need to know what is really affecting small business. According to contributor Anna Johansson, some of these problems are:

  • Lack of profits;
  • Lack of revenues;
  • Staying energized and fighting fatigue; and
  • Avoiding customer dependence (relying on one customer for more than 50% of business).[iv]

It seems these issues have been a part of the daily grind for a while. Each of these issues, though, are interconnected and can be fought against at the same time through a single campaign. That campaign, is increasing and widening a loyal customer base.

Expanding a Loyal Customer Base

You cannot find fault with Forbes contributor Susan Payton, who said, “[a] happy customer is one that will bring you business again and again, and cut down on your own efforts to attract new business, since they are usually willing to refer their friends to you.”[v]

A loyal customer base helps increase profits and revenue by continually coming back and bringing in new business by referring their friends and family. This in turn helps you stave off the fatigue of the daily grind by seeing repeat customers and new customers already predisposed to a good experience from the referral. When you have happy customers, that daily grind can turn back into passion. And by widening the customer base through referrals, you avoid the issue of single customer dependence altogether.

Our software can help you develop a loyal customer base and help you showcase it to your community by using reputation management for small business. It does this through three different avenues:

  • Real time intelligence through direct feedback;
  • Helping to push positive reviews while correcting negative experiences; and
  • Continuous reviews monitoring.

Direct Feedback

Our platform gives you a direct feedback tool. All you have to do is ask customers to leave feedback through our software. Our feedback tool is simple and easy to use and provides you with immediate and actionable intelligence.

This feedback is available on your dashboard, which is your page within our software from which you manage all of our features. This direct feedback from your most current customers gives you real-time intelligence on how your customers are feeling about their experiences with your business. In order to address issues right away, you need to know about them right away. Our feedback tool cuts down on the time it takes for you to learn of any issues. Starting with feedback is a cornerstone of reputation management for small business.

We divide feedback into three separate categories: Promoters (who had a positive experience with your business), Passives (who had a neutral experience), and detractors (who had a negative experience). We direct each set of customers according to the feedback they provide.

Push Positive Reviews from Real Customers and Capture Negative Experiences

If a customer reports that he or she had a positive experience, we ask them to leave a review and direct them to a review site of your choosing. You could direct them to Google, Yelp, or any other website you feel would be more effective. By providing immediate access to a review site, we gently nudge each customer to tell the public about their positive experience. The more positive and recent reviews your business generates, the more prospective customers will turn to it when they are searching for a business in your industry. This is key to reputation management for small businesses.

If a customer had a neutral experience, we ask them to follow you on social media. This gives those customers an opportunity to look through your online resources as well as to stay connected with your business so they are updated with any news or special campaigns you are running.

If a customer had a negative experience, we give them a comment field that goes directly to you. This opens a private dialogue so the issue can be resolved before the customer posts a negative review. It allows the customer to vent his or her frustrations directly to management instead of the rest of the world.

Negative customer experiences are far more likely to be shared on social media than positive experiences. In fact, negative experiences are 50% more likely to result in a bad review online than a customer who had a positive experience.[vi] Our software cannot capture every negative review, but we do provide a direct dialogue between customer and business so the issue can, hopefully, be fixed before a review is posted.

Monitor Online Reviews

Whenever a review, whether positive or negative, does get posted, we will let you know about it with our reviews monitoring feature. It is very time consuming to try to stay up to date with what the public is saying about your business. This requires constant monitoring across multiple sites. Our software does that for you.

Our software monitors over 100 review sites. When a new review is posted, you will receive notice within 24-48 hours. With us monitoring your reviews, you no longer have to search individual sites like Yelp, Facebook, Google, or any other sites listed here.

Not only does our software notify you of any new reviews, we also give you an easy platform from which you can quickly respond to that new review. This means not only are you quickly responding to that particular customer’s comment, you are also showing prospective customers that you take each experience seriously. You can address a negative experience or simply thank a customer who left a positive review and invite them back. Both of those approaches show prospective customers that you care about each customer’s experience, so you will care about their’s too.

A Few Thoughts on Reputation Management for Small Business

All of these aspects of our software are ways we can help you showcase and build a loyal customer base so you can overcome some of the problems facing Main Street business. Nothing, however, will replace the real interaction between you and your employees with your customers. That part of business will always be the centerpiece of good business.

What we want to help you with is to make sure you are getting real-time feedback and capitalizing on those interactions. We do not want technology to replace anything, but to help foster more of those positive daily exchanges by spreading the word about the quality of your enterprise by using small business reputation management software.

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